Thursday, February 14, 2013

Transportation to states,locals,and international costumers

The Delta Airlines ship their goods and products by cargo which is by boat or ship. The main product that they ship by cargo are the Tomato Plant. Also the Delta Airlines ship their small packages by the the UPS or Fedex. In order for the Delta Airlines to ship goods out to international place, they would have to us their ships, and they will also have to follow the Delta corporate policies so nothing horrible happens while transporting the goods.

The impact of the on Georgia

The Delta Airlines really helped the state of Georgia in many ways. First,the Delta Airlines helped Georgia by inceasing the amount of money that is being raised. The money that the Delta Airlines are collecting will go intothe taxes of georgia and it will raise the GDP in the United States. Also the Delta Airlines help by having more jobs available for the unemployed people. The more Delta Airline companies there is in Georgia the less amount of people would be homeless and jobless. The Delta Airlines also help the people in Georgia relocate from place to place out of the state and the country.

Risks of the Delta Airlines

Today the Delta Airlines is suffering on the negative impacts on global recession and rising oil prices. Global recession is when the airline is not making much money as fast as they usually do. Also the rising of gas prices is when the money that the Delta Airlines are producing are mostly being spent on the gas for the airplanes because the higher the gas price goes the moroe money is being spent to use for the airplanes.

History of the Delta Airlines

The Delta Airlines is an airline that was started by a Crop dusting company. It was started by Huff Daland Duster. The Delta airlines are the sixth oldest working airline in Atlanta G.A. The Delta Airline is the world's largest airline.The Delta airline is the major airline in Atlanta G.A. Delta airlines operates over 5,000 flights every day. Today Collett E. Woolman now owns the Delta airlines because he bought it in the month of September 13,1923. Also he renamed the company to Delta air service.                                                                                                      

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


My name is Kaliyjah Jackson . I am in the 8th grader .My post is about the company of the Delta Airlines. This post gives important information about the Delta airlines .